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UK marketing agency specialising in marketing solutions for various UK and European business sectors from hotels, villas & apartments, music bands, photographers and in particular for UK & US taxi operators, private hire taxis, minicabs, airport transfer specialist, chauffeur drive, limousine hire, bus, coach & tour operators.

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Creating stunning, fully functional and search engine optimised desktop, mobile and tablet style websites for any business and in particular for tour operators, overseas property agents, taxi and private hire, airport transfer, bus, coach and tour operators.

Marketing... Website Design... Email & Text SMS Marketing... Bluetooth Marketing... QR Code and Tag Marketing... Search Engine Optimisation... Social Media Strategy Management... Multi Platform Visibility Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Website Design... Business Telecoms Integration Solutions... Business Software and Application... Specialist in creating synergy across many business platforms and applications.

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Specialist in rapid response, cost effective marketing

Cost effective marketing for business, hotels, overseas property agents, UK taxi operators, private hire taxis, minicabs, airport transfer, chauffeur drive, limousine hire businesses, bus, coach & tour operators.  With Bos Marketing you can relax and leave time consuming marketing plans to the experts. 

Just running your business is time consuming enough and after all you can't be an expert in every element of your business.  Whether you need help with simple stuff like a local media campaign or a rolling marketing mix with cohesion over a range of marketing activities from website design and hosting through to press media and promotional events, BOS knows your market and can work it out and make it affordable for you.

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No matter if you own a large hotel or a one off apartment or villa that needs marketing or if a taxi operator with a few or many vehicles in your fleet, your marketing activity and company profile dictates what your clients perceive of your business. 

PROFIT is an illusive animal, it constantly illueds many businesses.  PROFIT isn't something that you own a right too, it is something that is acheived by careful and shrewd management identifying opportunity and applying a plan of action to turn that opportunity in to real business. 

Your marketing efforts should be what drives your sales or clients to use your organisation and get your business the exposure it needs to survive and flourish.   Getting your sales or products and service message across to the consumer or buying public clearly and concisely is what needs to form the focus of your marketing plan.

To get your marketing strategy in motion and start driving your sales, get a free phone consultation from BOS Marketing Solutions contact us in the UK 44 on 0843 289 4688



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specialist marketing solutions for business... hotels... overseas property agents... taxis... private hire... chauffeur drive... limousine hire... bus... coach & tour operators

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